Sunday, June 7, 2009

Samaroff and Sonia - A Love Story in Postcards - Part 5

Donat returned to his wife, but the reunion was shortlived. By the mid-June, the couple were back on the road - separately. From Boston, Donat sent a card to his wife, who was now on tour in Cuba. Note his reference to buying a new hat.

Ella responded with three cards from Cuba, including this one.

Meanwhile, Donat was bouncing around Massachusetts, playing theaters in Palmer, Worcester and Lexington, and sending cards and letters to his bride. In this one, he "showcases" his purchase.

Ella and her sisters returned stateside, playing Western New York in late July. "Two Weeks" she notes in a card from postmarked Charlotte, NY.

Ella sent a pair of cards to her husband from Ontario Beach Park, located outside Rochester.

Donat sent a card postmarked July 24th from Worchester and to the New York City address, listing Lincoln Park in Norwich Connecticut as a new stop on his tour.

A beautiful image of Ella was sent to Donat on August 8 from Charlotte to Lexington. It was forwarded to the New York City address. She expressed thanks to her husband that he was headed to New York. Based on the postcards, they would reunite again soon.

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