Thursday, February 12, 2009

Buster on a three week tour of Grand Rapids, MI

Jack Price's Buster Keaton figure has made the 40 mile trip to Grand Rapids. Visitors to the annual International Buster Keaton Society convention in Muskegon are certainly familiar with the guest of honor. For the last 14 years, The Damfino's (pronounced Dam-Fi-No ... like "Damn if I Know") have come to Muskegon to celebrate Buster's birthday. The 15th annual gathering will take place on the weekend of October 2, 2009. Check out for more detail.

Check out the clip (remember to play the video) from the Tuesday, February 10th episode of WZZM's Take Five & Company local lifestyle show.

Follow this link to read about the first year of the convention. Once there, scan down the page for more about Jack's "Bondo Busters".

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