Sunday, November 23, 2008

YouTube - a nice place to catch Keaton commericals of the past

Keaton for Ford

Simon Pure Beer

Alka Seltzer

It also presents classic television appearances...
Candid Camera

What's My Line

Make the Connection

And Interviews...

CBC Archives: Buster Keaton on Telescope, 1964

Industrial Strength Keaton includes others. With luck, we'll see it back in print soon.

Alka Seltzer (1958) [5 spots]

Northwest Orient Airlines (1958)

Simon Pure Beer (1958) [6 spots]

Shamrock Oil / Outtakes (1959)
* Audio commentary track
* Director's interview track

Milky Way (1961)

Pure Oil (1965)

Country Club Malt Liquor (1958) [3 spots]

Ford Econoline (1963)

Jeep - Lessons in Living (1960)
* Only surviving complete Jeep commercial
* Recently discovered fragments from previously undocumented Jeep commercials.

Pure Oil (1965)

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